Library cards are free to residents of Ripley Township.  If you are a Non-Resident you may get a library card by paying a non-resident fee of $50.  Public Library Access Cards for use at Indiana public libraries may be obtained for a fee of $65. PLAC cards enable individuals to use any public library in the state of Indiana. Photo ID and proof of current local address, such as a Indiana Driver's License, must be shown to apply for PLAC and nonresidential cards. PLAC cards are available to individuals with a valid home library card from within the state of Indiana. Both the Non-Resident and PLAC cards must be renewed every year.

Copies are $0.25 each

Fax is $1.00 per page

We no longer charge for late materials.  However, if an item is damaged or lost the patron must pay for the item.


The library is now a member of Evergreen Indiana and therefore follows the rules and regulations set forth by them for number of items checked out and length of time you may keep an item.


The Henry Henley Public Library gratefully accepts gifts of materials that fall within the mission statement of the library, but reserves the right to evaluate and dispose of them in accordance with the criteria applied to purchase materials. Materials may be disposed of without notifying the donor if later examination indicates that the library cannot use them.

Donations of books will be examined and reviewed by the library staff, using the De-Selection criteria policy, in order to determine if the books should be put on the shelves for circulation or if they should be placed in the book sale, free library box, or discarded.

The library will not appraise donated books for tax purposes. The library will provide (upon request) a receipt for tax purposes for the donor with a space for the donor's estimated value of the materials.


All Electronic traffic originating from the Henry Henley Public Library's connection to the internet shall be in accordance with these acceptable use standards.  Failure to abide by these standards may result in the loss of internet, computer, and/or library privileges, and be subject to federal and state laws.  Library public computers shall be used for educational, informational, and recreational purposes only, and not for unauthorized, illegal, or unethical purposes.  Patrons using our WiFi with their own device are still required to follow this policy.  

  • Users must sign in with librarian each time a computer is used and there is a 1 hour time limit.  Additional time may be granted for school work or job searches per staff's discretion.  Computer will be shut down 15 minutes prior to closing.  Staff may limit use if others are waiting for access.

  • School work, job searches and scholarly research by users take precedence over other online activities.

  • Eating and drinking are prohibited and no more than two people may use a computer at a time.

  • Persons under the age of 18 must have the consent of their parent or guardian and this agreement must be signed by the parent or guardian in the library.

  • Personal equipment used on a computer is limited to flash drives or other portable data devices.  Head phones are available and must be used if sound is an issue.  Volume must be kept to a reasonable level.

  • Patrons are expected to pay for all pages they may print.  Staff will assist with printing upon request.

  • Patrons are not permitted to download/upload/install any software or programs onto the computer.

  • Loud talking and inappropriate language are not acceptable.  Have respect for the privacy of others.

  • Abide by copyright and license laws.

  • Users may not represent themselves as another person and advertising is not acceptable.

  • Computing resources shall not be used to access sexually explicit material, violence and hate speech, gambling, and illicit drugs and alcohol.  The State of Indiana defines obscene matter or performance in Indiana Code 35-49-2-1.

  • While monetary purchases are not restricted, and submittal of private and personal information is possible, the Henry Henley Public Library does not provide any security or protection for credit card numbers, account numbers, or protection of personal or private information submitted and assumes no responsibility in this regard.  We further assume no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, which arise from the use of the internet or any other computer programs.